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Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

how to gain muscle mass

To gain muscle mass, exercise like any physical activities and health nutrition are very important. Ignoring nutrition to gain muscle mass isn’t an option. Nutrition works and utilizes our fitness and strength gains.

Here are some foods that help you gain muscle mass:
  1. Skinless Chicken

Chicken is one of the foods that is high in protein which is very important for muscle maintenance, bone health and maintain body weight. When you ditch the skin, the nutritionals for chicken check out to be remarkably healthy. White meat is the leanest choice, but even dark meat can be a good choice if you skip the skin. 

  1. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, good fats and are among the best sources of protein in the diet. Whole eggs are incredibly nutritious, containing a very large amount of nutrients compared to calories. The nutrients are found in the yolks, white are mostly protein. 

  1. Beef / Lean Beef

Lean beef has about two grams more saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast. Lean beef is also an excellent source of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, a high level of amino acid that works with insulin to promote muscle growth can be found in lean beef. Beef is one of the richest natural sources of the strength booster creatine. Creatine is a famously efficient muscle building aid.

  1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is a mixture of beta-lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, and immunoglobins. Possible dangers include nausea and headaches, but at moderate doses, whey protein is not considered dangerous.

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  1. Fish

Fatty fish are higher in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are crucial for your body and brain to function optimally, and are strongly linked to reduced risk of many diseases. Fish may lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes and will help you gain muscle mass from its content. 

  1. Shrimp

The caloric content of shrimp matches its weight in grams, it can give bone strength, eye health, weight loss and skin protection.  Although the high cholesterol content has provoked worry regarding shrimp intake, research indicates there really is no harm in consuming that beloved shellfish. Shrimp can be an integral food item to benefit women’s health. Astaxanthin has been shown to reduce hot flashes, joint pain, and moodiness that often surfaces during menopause. 

  1. Whole Grains

People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Consuming foods rich in fiber, such as whole grains, as part of overall healthy eating, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and may reduce constipation. In addition to the basic benefits of grains, they help maintain optimum health due to the phytochemicals they contain – many of which are still being identified.

  1. High Fat Foods

Although fat got a lot of flak in the society, fat is actually very important to a healthy diet. Fat comes in two main forms: unsaturated and saturated fat. You need fat to help you absorb certain nutrients, such as fat-soluble vitamins. Omega-3 fats, a type of unsaturated fat, are important for optimum nerve, brain and heart function. Trans fats, an artificial kind of fat found in partially hydrogenated oils.

  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are a type of nuts. However, peanuts are technically not nuts. They actually belong to the legume family and are therefore related to beans, lentils, and soy. Peanuts are high in fat. In fact, they are classified as oilseeds. A large proportion of the world’s peanut harvest is used for making peanut oil.

  1. Milk

Milk Protein is one of the longest used protein supplements and has a number of well-documented benefits. Milk and dairy foods are healthy foods and considered nutrient-rich because they serve as good sources of calcium and vitamin D as well as protein. There are many benefits of milk, milk protein contains essential acids needed for growth & development.

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