Fitness and Curves PRODUCTS 52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book (Pocket Square Book for a Fitness Buff Who Loves to Dress Up!)

52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book (Pocket Square Book for a Fitness Buff Who Loves to Dress Up!)

trendhim pocket square book

The52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book that helps us fitness buff gym goers go in style during corporate events and other important occasions.

A pocket square book can be used as an accessory to complete any outfit and add some flair. When unfolded, they’re cool handkerchiefs that you use for yourself or just wipe your brow with; however, when folded correctly, it adds elegance by being put inside one’s jacket pocket.

The pocket square is really useful because not only does this small piece of cloth look good on its own but also offers additional functionality in terms of how we wear our clothing—whether at work during business meetings where formality requires us dress up a bit more formally than usual yet still want something light enough so it doesn’t feel too heavy against skin throughout long periods spent seated down

52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book by Trendhim

This article gives us a breather apart from all our fitness and curves posts in the blog. Since this coffee table book has helped me so much on dressing up to my corporate attire post work out and gym sessions, I would love to share it here to highlight why this one can be  a huge help for wrapping you up in clothes that perfectly suit you and adorn your look overall.

I love wearing suits and that’s the very reason why I was stoked on this coffee table book at first sight. I admit I suck in the dressing up game because I’m used to getting all buck naked in the gym or in my workout clothes. Lol

So this one’s truly a great help.

How to Look Good with a Pocket Square?

52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book by Trendhim

Pocket squares are great to make you look good. Not only are they stylish, but they also give the image of connaisance and class. I will show you how to tip to look stylish using a pocket square.

Step 1: First, buy a pocket square! They come in many colors, styles, designs etc. You want just something that looks nice with your style. Do not buy anything too big or small or even in an unusual shape because it will stick out like a sore thumb just for being different. It should match your tie nicely, though it is generally more noticeable than the tie itself so choose wisely!

Step 2: The next step is to fold the pocket square correctly before sticking it into your suit jacket pocket. You would think it would be a simple fold, but if you have an odd shaped pocket, half of the time there will be nothing to poke out. So here is a diagram on how to perfectly fold your pocket square for maximum comfort and style:

Step 3: After folding the pocket square all nice and pretty, simply stick it in your jacket pocket! And voila! You are now stylish with a pocket square! Enjoy the looks you’ll get from people wondering “How does he look so good?”

How Trendhim’s Pocket Square Book Helps

52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book by Trendhim

People often buy pocket squares for their stylish look. However, unless you are connaisance about how to properly fold them, they can look very awkward. So what Trendhim’s Pocket Square Guide Book does is give diagrams on how to perfectly fold the pocket square correctly so it will not stick out awkwardly in your jacket pocket.

This 52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square Book makes it easier for men who want to look good with a pocket square without having to research how to do it themselves rather than just buying one and hoping that it looks right.

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