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Weight Loss Mistakes: 5 Things You Might Be Doing All Wrong!

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Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body mass to become fit and healthy could somehow be difficult. Some people think they don’t have enough time to focus and do it every day especially for those who are working and studying. Others find it so hard to exercise, maintain a proper diet and keep a healthy lifestyle. Unknown to many, there are weight loss mistakes that make people think they may already be losing weight or shedding excess fats. 

Here are 5 of the most common weight loss mistakes you need to shrug off from your system:

1. Eating Too Few

Many people believe that the best way to lose weight and burn fat is not to eat. In having a healthy lifestyle, we should consider the foods that we are going to take in. Not eating doesn’t mean that you will lose fats from your body. Instead, it could only mean that you can gain more calories. You may not be eating a lot of foods and consuming goods that are healthy but has high calories. And sometimes, you may feel like you are not eating a lot of calories when you are actually inclined to underestimating and underreporting what you eat. 

2. Not Exercising

A proper diet should combine with exercise. Many people show some of their pictures and videos regarding their weight loss even without exercising. This is a huge mistake. Not exercising at all while restricting calories will only make you most likely to lose muscle mass and decrease metabolic rate. Exercising properly at least 3 times a week will surely help you maintain your healthy weight and achieve your weight goals. 

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3. Not Lifting Weights

Some studies believe that lifting weights is very much effective for fat loss or body weight loss. But for others, they believe that lifting weight especially for girls could make your body bulky. During weight loss, performing resistance training is very important. The best strategy for losing fats in our body and weight loss is to combine aerobic exercise with weightlifting. 

4. Consuming Low-Fat Diet Products

Low-fat diet foods are processed foods that are considered to be good for losing weight but they could actually have an opposite effect on our body. These products are loaded with many sugars to improve their taste. Low-fat foods don’t make you full, it will make you hungrier so, in the end, you will still end up seeing yourself eating. Try to eat more leafy green vegetables that have high fiber rather than taking low-fat foods that will make you feel even more hungry.

5. Incorrect Diet

Dieting is a very difficult process especially if we were used to eating unhealthy foods for several years in our lives. People who went on diet have many revelations about the result of their body. Some say they have been dieting for a couple of years yet they never get the chance to achieve their body goals. An incorrect diet could result in being overweight or obese, eating disorders, depression that could lead to stressed eating, heart disease and stroke, high cholesterol and even high blood pressure. A good place to start for a healthy diet is to have a variety of healthy foods and aim for two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day. Avoid sugary products and stick to healthy living by eating foods that are high in fiber and protein. 

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